Clinical Process Optimization
Health Science organizations must readily adapt new practices, employ enabling technologies and provide education/training on the latest industry trends to remain competitive. Being ahead of the curve isa critical success factor often in conflict with rapidly developing and introducing new products. ACSYS' innovative process for assessing the Clinical Process capabilities is a valuable tool for optimizing clinical processes elevating performance to best in class.
Our assessment approach includes valuable benchmarking and quantification of best practices. This information is integrated into the assessment process which includes meeting with vertical and horizontal organizational layers to collect performance data. The data collected is analyzed and used to develop actionable recommendations elevating Clinical capabilities to world class.
A graphical representation of Clinical process data (sample below) effectively highlights areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The objective scoring methodology used to analyze data collected is a key foundational element to providing value added recommendations driving Clinical process improvement.
Typical assessment areas for Clinical Processes are shown below. A sample scoring chart shown below provides a visual representation of process capabilities.
Typical Assessment Categories
  1. Clinical Trial Overview
  2. Clinical Contract Management
  3. Clinical Monitoring
  4. Subject Record Management
  5. Types of Clinical Trials 
  6. Adverse Events
  7. IRB Involvement
  8. Clinical Operations Requirements
  9. Clinical Batch Production
  10. Clinical Results


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